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Jason CD Transport
The JASON CD Transport is an addition to our already famous MEDEA D/A Converter. The design and electronics are of the same high quality in both units. We included many features in the JASON which make it the CD Transport of choice not only in conjunction with the MEDEA but for all kinds of D/A Converters or Digital Amplifiers.

Medea D/A Converter
The MEDEA is a stereo 24 bit / 192kHz Digital to Analog converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromised audio signal path. Much detail and thought was spent on the digital input as well as the analog output stage. Both have in common the purest possible approach in audio design, aspiring for nothing less than excellence.

The MEDUS is a stereo 24 bit / 192kHz and DSD Digital to Analog converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromised audio signal path.

It comes with a IR Remote Control and a USB Interface.


The MAN301 is an extremely versatile Music Archive manager and Network Player with an iPad remote control unit and a NAS type external storage medium.



The DAC202 is a reference quality stereo Firewire D/A Converter with infrared remote control.

Also available with an optional USB interface.


The CHIRON range of cables are our high performance cables for digital and analog audio. Balanced, unbalanced and glass fiber cables are provided.

We also sell cables made by Oyaide and Furutech.

The INT202 is a stereo Firewire to AES/EBU interface with infrared remote control for volume and phase. The INT203 is for bi-directional interfacing between AES/EBU and Firewire and also includes an infrared remote control.

The INT204 is a stereo, asynchronous USB to AES/EBU interface with the capability to convert DSD data to PCM. all sampling rates up to 192kHz are supported.


SARACON is a software product from our Pro Audio product range. It is a sampling rate and file format converter which converts audio files between all standard audio sampling rates and formats. A DSD version of the SARACON also converts to/from DSD files.


Third party product:



Amarra player for OSX


Third party product:



Weiss customers are welcome to get the

free Amarra HiFi player from the Amarra website, more information here.

Or to buy the fully fledged Amarra player

from us directly.


The Integrita is a high-end NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit which is the ideal combination with the MAN301 Network Player. We are distributing the Integrita in Switzerland. Read more about it here.

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