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The MAN301 - the future of high-end audio playback


The MAN301 arguably is the most comprehensive system for music archiving, music library maintenance, music playback, CD ripping, Internet radio streaming and more.

The MAN301 comes in two versions, the "DAC" version includes a D/A Converter, the "SERVER" version has digital outputs only for connecting an external D/A Converter. The SERVER version can be user upgraded to the DAC version at any time.


January 2013: The MAN301 won the "Best of the year award" by

Audiophile / Videophile Magazine, Thailand.


A complete MAN301 system consists of:

  • The MAN301 Base Station as pictured below
  • An external NAS (Network Attached Storage) or DAS (Direct Attached Storage) device, typically a harddisk or an array of harddisks. This allows for virtually unlimited storage space for music files.
  • An iPad device with the Weiss MAN app for remote control of the Base Station.
  • A means of accessing the Internet by the Base Station for fetching CD cover art and CD metadata.


MAN301 front view:


Latest features added:

  • Gracenote database support. Gracenote (www.gracenote.com) is the best database for CD metadata and cover art (and more). It is professionally maintained.
  • DSD File playback with DSD64 and DSD128 support. DSS and DSF file formats supported.
  • Internet radio streaming



  • External music storage on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device or DAS (Direct Attached Storage, e.g. via USB or Firewire) device, no internal storage for music files. Recommendations for suitable NAS devices are supplied
  • Remote control via an Apple iPad, no keyboard, mouse, monitor required
  • Digital inputs for external audio sources: AES/EBU or S/PDIF on XLR, RCA, TOSLINK
  • Digital outputs to external D/A Converters: AES/EBU on XLR and RCA, FireWire, USB
  • DAC Version: Analog outputs on XLR and RCA
  • DAC Version: The built-in D/A converter is of similar design to our renowned DAC202 unit
  • Wordclock input and output on BNC for synchronization
  • Ethernet for connecting to NAS, local network
  • WiFi antenna for connecting to iPad, local network
  • Multiple MAN301 devices can be controlled from within a single iPad
  • Multiple users per MAN301 device are supported, each with his/her own music library, playlists, searches etc.
  • Multiple NAS units can be added to the library for unlimited storage
  • All common audio file formats (uncompressed, losslessly compressed, lossy compressed) are supported for playback and ripping
  • Up to 192kHz / 32bit supported plus DSD files
  • Music library displayed according to album names, artist names, genres, recently played, recently added
  • Powerful search facility, allows to store search results to have dynamic playlists
  • Playlists are easily added, edited, copied
  • Volume control in 4 coarse analog steps and with a high resolution, dithered digital fader
  • Start, stop, skip, back controls
  • Repeat single track or repeat whole playlist function
  • Powerful cover art search algorithm which allows the user to select the most appropriate cover art out of an intelligent pre-selection
  • CD ripping in all common file formats (uncompressed, losslessly compressed, lossy compressed)
  • Direct CD playback without the need to rip the CD
  • CD metadata fetching from various databases
  • Comprehensive user interface on iPad, easily to be handled even by computer novices
  • Software upgradeable via Internet
  • Internet radio streaming
  • Future software upgrades will include various DSP facilities


MAN301 back view (full version w/ DAC):


The iPAD remote control with its two main pages:



Technical background


The MAN301 uses the Gracenote database for fetching metadata and cover art. While Gracenote is the best database for that purpose, its license costs us a five digit amount every year. We sell MAN301 units to recover the costs, but also offer the possibility to make a donation to us via Paypal for our Gracenote support.


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