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NEW - the reference quality passive attenuator


The ATT202 is a fully passive, stepped, resistive attenuator for balanced or unbalanced stereo signals. It can be used in place of a preamplifier to control the volume of a single source like e.g. a D/A converter.

It can be infrared remote controlled which makes it very attractive for convenient operation.

The signal switching is handled with magnet actuated reed contacts. Reed contacts are gas tight sealed switches of extreme reliability. The channel matching is excellent and due to the stepping mechanism repeatability is inherent.

Features of the ATT202:

  • 44 step attenuator with a range of  34 dB
  • Switch selectable input / output, XLR or RCA
  • Switches to adapt the ATT202 to different output impedances
  • Infrared remote control with volume up, volume down and mute buttons
  • Gas tight reed contacts sealed in glass for utmost reliability
  • Permanent magnets for reed contact activation, i.e. no coils which could induce unwanted signals
  • Stepper motor driven for remote control facility

The ATT202 comes with a remote control unit and an external power supply for the stepper motor and associated electronics.

ATT202 back view:


Size (approx.): depth: 30cm x width: 19cm x height: 8cm


Details of the attenuator assembly

Complete assembly, lefthandside: shaft for the knob, righthandside: stepper motor


reed contacts and magnets, attenuator resistors:


stepper motor and clutch:


reed contacts for a single channel:
























Technical background



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